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IEB Education provides you with a chance to develop your thinking ability and programming knowledge to light up your future.




IEB EDUCATION is a pioneer in providing comprehensive educational solutions based on technology. We give Vietnamese children chances to approach and develop interpersonal skills to be successful in the 21st century, including coding, logical thinking, and languages. 


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International Playground – Where warriors shine! 

With the purpose of creating a community of brilliant young people for the technology and programming industry in Vietnam, IEB Education sincerely brings out an international programming contest, imitating CodeQuest combat games designed for 8-15-year-old kids. 

Programming is a modern scientific field; therefore, if you’re passionate about this subject, you should challenge yourself frequently by venturing into a bigger programming world so that you can continuously learn and update new knowledge.

If you’re ready to reach out to that bigger world and compete against other redoubtable opponents in terms of coding mindset, let’s join the CodeQuest contest, organized by IEB Education!

1. Contest information

Duration: November 2021 – January 2022

CodeQuest contest uses a famous CodeCombat game-based platform in the U.S with more than 12 million users per year and is expected to bring the kids useful computer science and programming knowledge. This is also a good chance for them to explore, enhance knowledge, and practice skills in a global competitive environment.

Apart from that, IEB Education holds several “Warrior Academy” classes which are free of charge to provide basic and advanced knowledge of the worldwide computer science and programming languages such as Python and Javascript for beginners. Every class gives its warriors an opportunity to exchange ideas and be led by experienced programmers.

At the end of the CodeQuest contest, the champions will become Vietnamese representatives belonging to the “Programming Special Force” warrior team to enter the international CodeQuest contest in 2022. The total price of the awarding prize will be up to 50,000,000VND. 

2. CodeQuest – Programming makes a difference 

A programming world packed with challenges together with loads of fierce competitions officially opened to welcome all young warriors. Only after over a month since the kick-off, the most elite warriors, from all over the country, gathered and joined hands to protect the CodeQuest land.

With the slogan “From Zero To Hero”, our little warriors had equipped themselves with sufficient power and skills to finally overcome their obstacles with excellence, combined with the companionship of professional teachers and advisors in The “Warrior Academy” Livestream series. Within 7 days of being mentored, the warriors had been putting their best efforts into practice to win the championship and reap the awards.

After all the stressful but thrilling competitions, CodeQuest has finally found out our new champions from 3 honor league tables! IEB Education would like to say congrats to: 

Forged in Flame

  • Champion: Tran Quoc Thai (2011) from Vinschool Imperia Hai Phong
  • Runner-up: Nguyen Chi Bach (2012) from Bui Van Ba Primary school, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City

Spells of Forrtune

  • Champion: Le Trung Nghia (2007) from Vinschool Central Park, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Runner-up: Ngo Cao Nhat Minh (2008) from Doan Thi Diem Secondary school, Ha Noi City

Age of Titans

  • Champion: Ly Quang Thinh (2005) from Emasi Nam Long Secondary school, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Runner-up: Le Hai Trung (2005) from Vinschool Imperia Hai Phong

All the warriors have excellently overcome challenges in the combat arena. All of them are truly champions of the CodeQuest arena!

CodeQuest has finally come to an end and IEB Education would like to send our deep thank-you to all the teachers and advisors who spent their time and efforts accompanying and mentoring our little warriors. At the same time, we appreciate all beloved parents and students who always believe in us and take part in all the events and contests hosted by IEB Education. 



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