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Last December 2020, IEB Education hosted a Done Cup contest with a theme of “A Sports Day for Robots”, taking place at Bredon Bilingual Primary School and attracting 2000+ students and parents. 

Programming is a subject that many students pay much attention to and want to conquer. The programming world is extremely huge but exciting. However, programming originally can not be assessed by points so it is harder for us to evaluate students’ learning process. 

On the other hand, self-discipline in learning has been helping our “little robot makers” to create their own robots. Despite their young age, they are smart, quick, eager to learn, and willing to win this hard subject to position themselves in this enormous exciting world. Students’ progress, confidence, and growth are IEB Education happiness. 

With that desire, IEB organizes an annual event named Done Cup to create a useful playground with loads of excitement and challenges for the kids. Furthermore, this is considered as the very first step for the kids to join in a worldwide robot contest. 


1. Sports Robot 

Inspired by some of the sports that a lot of children love, IEB Education created some attractive competing games such as Rowing Robots, Basketball Robots, Swimming Robots, and Fencing Robots. Not only did they have the chance to play around with robots, but the kids also wrote codes to let them move to complete the missions.

2. Marshmallow challenge 

Such marshmallow towers are specially created from spaghetti that could make an exciting game. In this game, parents and kids were able to work in a team to overcome challenges and to finish the towers. It was not only a great chance to build the connection between family members but also to let parents realize their children’s intelligence, quickness, and proficiency. 

Every student would receive a lucky draw attached with different special gifts and they were so excited to guess what present they would receive. 


3. Lucky draw

The sports day ended with so much laughter and happiness. At the event, the kids experienced a vast range of activities related to different technology science subjects. Moreover, they also explored various games to enhance their thinking and communication skills. Last but not least, the sports day was also a joyful family day.

In 2021, IEB Education will continue to organize another Done Cup contest with much more excitement and surprise. IEB hopes that kids and parents will continue to join in the next contest. Let’s wait for that day.




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