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Children are the future of the country. Therefore, investing in your children’s education is crucial. Moreover, we are living in a world of technology and computer science, so teaching coding for people of all ages is getting more and more attention and investment. 

With the purpose of bringing children a pack of interesting coding knowledge as well as taking them to a colorful world of coding without any stress or strictness, IEB Education co-operates with Panasonic Risupia Vietnam to develop an Hour of Code course in December 2021.

This course is tuition-free and based on the American platform of Code.Org and CodeCombat. It will definitely cultivate children’s passion for coding as well as a chance for them to develop their critical thinking comprehensively. 


1. Introduction about Panasonic Risupia Vietnam 

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam, the second branch of Panasonic Corporation, was established in 2010. This is a place where children are given a chance to explore science through hi-tech apps. 

In this center, Panasonic uses scientific-technological achievements to create a space for children to explore and experience science so that they can absorb knowledge easily, awaken their passion for science and explore their own interests.

At Risupia, children are able to explore natural science by experiencing fascinating games such as 3D magical theater, prime number hockey or Newton roller coaster, and so on. They are also free to join in any funny and applicable activities so as to cultivate their curiosity and passion about world exploration and love of science. 

phat trien tu duy lap trinh cùng IEB Education


2. Developing coding mindset with IEB EDUCATION & Panasonic Risupia Vietnam

Coding is becoming more and more popular and appealing to the kids. This December, Panasonic Vietnam Risupia and IEB Education will introduce to them a course called Hour of Code.

This small gift is specially designed for 6-15-year-old kids who love to explore and develop their coding mindset as well as accumulate much useful knowledge.


2.1. Benefits when joining our Hour of Code class

When taking part in our Hour of Code class, the kids will receive plenty of surprising, valuable lessons and achievements as listed below:

  1. Understanding deeply the basic definitions of computer science and code
  2. Practicing code as a professional coder 
  3. Taking a final test to know their levels
  4. Receiving one-of-a-kind combat cards (limited version)giao duc lap trinh cho tre em tại IEB

2.2. Hour of Code class content

When joining the Hour of Code class, our kid warriors will venture into the world of code with some exploratory challenges such as treasure hunting or exploring this colorful world. This course will take place within 12 weeks in December with details as below.

Week 1: 

  • A colorful world of Food
  • Treasure Hunting – CodeCombat 

Week 2:

  • A colorful world of Animal
  • Rescuing Ozaria world

Week 3:

  • A colorful world of Emoji
  • Treasure Hunting – CodeCombat 

Week 4

  • A colorful world of Restro
  • The road to coding arena 

lap trinh cho tre em IEB Education

Each lesson will last for an hour, promising to bring useful code knowledge to the kids, which is expected to be a strong foundation for them to confidently overcome code challenges and reach their future peaks.


Children today – The world tomorrow. Therefore, children need to be listened to, cared for, understood and equipped with appropriate and modern knowledge to be future creators. Equipping children with coding knowledge is the goal of IEB Education and Panasonic Risupia Vietnam. Let’s join hands with IEB Education and Panasonic Risupia Vietnam in building your children’s coding mindset.




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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