IEB EDUCATION is a pioneer in providing comprehensive educational solutions based on technology. We give Vietnamese children chances to approach and develop interpersonal skills to be successful in the 21st century, including coding, logical thinking, and languages. 

With a strong foundation in thinking and coding knowledge, IEB EDUCATION is proud to be one of the most prestigious centers in Vietnam, getting along well with reputable partners around the world to build and improve skills for future generations. 

“Creating a better world for future generations, who play a crucial role in society. They need to be cared for, listened to and understood. They also need to improve their knowledge and skills right from today”, said Ngo Thi Thuy Duong, CEO IEB EDUCATION 

We aim to build an educational system based on technology science development to launch useful courses and education solutions. 


Based on the advanced hi-tech apps and the trust of our customers, IEB EDUCATION is step by step building and developing new trendy educational solutions to optimize kids’ thinking ability and skills from a very early age. 


IEB EDUCATION aims at optimizing educational platforms for the kids based on the good application of technology, especially in golden periods of children’s brain development so that we can contribute to creating a distinctive and potential future generation. 

Core values

Creative and open-minded

Building a fun and inspiring environment for every single member to ignite their creativity.

Advanced service

Service quality and customer benefits are our top priorities.


Committed to working with the highest standard of professional ethics, friendliness, and transparency, we hope to bring the best values to our customers.

Sustainable development

Enable to be ready for the future with flexibility and adaptability to form a strong foundation for the next generations.

Efficient time management

Speed, spirit, and efficiency are our core values to be successful with appropriate resources.

Great respect for diversity and harmony

We do our best to make everyone feel welcomed, respected, and encouraged to contribute to the company based on each individual’s and group’s strengths.



IEB EDUCATION founders have much experience living abroad and working in the fields of finance, IT, education, and design. We believe that knowledge, experience, and passion are the foundation to create valuable products. 

Investing and developing education are our guidelines to be a creative company for future generations. 

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