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The final round and the award ceremony of the “Show me your robot” contest were organized on the 17th of May at IEB Education Ha Noi. This award ceremony was a big success beyond our expectations, attracting up to 100 parents and students. In the final round, 22 talented students competed and kept the audiences on the edge of their seats.

1. Humanitarian meaning of a contest – “Show me your robot” 

Aiming to create a helpful and delightful playground as well as to spread meaningful messages during a period that everyone could join hands to push back the Covid-19, IEB Education organized the “Show me your robot” contest for kids from 6-13 years old. Each kid is a warrior and each robot is a Covid killer. IEB wanted to deliver a message that is “Every kid can protect their beloved ones in their own way.”

This is a meaningful message that IEB Education wanted to share. The contest not only helped the kids to build their mindset but also to understand the values that they can bring to their surroundings.


2. “Show me your robot” throwback 

Only after a month of online-based first-round kick-off, our robot warriors united to kill the Covid monster together. 

Following the success of the first round, the “Show me your robot” final round was held. This was a good opportunity for our little warriors to show their talents and experience new things. Moreover, IEB Education wished to take the kids to the fascinating world of technology, which they could approach and experience the robot coding in reality. This was evaluated as one of the most advanced and popular educational methods in Japan. 

Before taking part in the competition, the kids were asked to join a “Robot Coding” class, taught by a group of devoted and enthusiastic teachers from IEB. With basic coding knowledge, children could feel confident and ready for the first round called “Teamwork”.

“Teamwork” took place with many impressive performances. Our little robot warriors were able to control and write codes for their robots skillfully on their Ipads. Furthermore, they helped their robots to overcome many challenges and excellently finished their missions.

3. Brave and talented little warriors

The heat was on when the judges chose the top 2 teams. The next round named “Knowledge Challenge” would start with those top 2 teams. With brilliant skills, knowledge, and talents, 5 little warriors tried their best and answered all difficult coding questions correctly and made a big surprise to the audience.

After all the nerve-racking moments, the “Show me your robot” contest ended with the first prize of 50 millions belonging to the champion – Thanh Van. Other little warriors who passed the first round also received lots of attractive presents from the organizers. 

All teams excellently completed their missions and to us, all of them were champions who officially became IEB Little Coders. 

The final round of “Show me your robot” came to an end with different emotions. There was joy and smiles on every kid’s face and the parents showed their pride when watching their little children confidently display their talents. IEB Education would love to express our thankfulness to all kids and parents joining this contest. Hopefully, you had unforgettable moments with us.




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