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Nowadays, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been coming into our lives and turning our impossibility into actualization. Furthermore, its strong development can also help in inventing new machines, devices that can replace human activities. It is predicted that, in the future, this field will achieve much more development beyond our expectations. 

So, what kinds of job opportunities will the Robotics and AI field offer us? The below article will help you to answer this question! 


1. What is a Robotics and AI major? 

It’s so familiar for an IT-specialized office worker to get to know these two terms: Robotics and AI. However, this may be quite strange for those who don’t work in this field as well as their orientation in the future.

A major of Robotics and AI specializes in training knowledge related to electronic technology in AI. One of the special things of this major is about smart features, simply known as robot brains, robot programming, and robot-using automatic system devices. 

robot và trí tuệ nhân tạo

2. Wide job opportunities 

What are job opportunities suitable for Robotics and AI-specialized students? This is a question which draws much attention from young people as well as their parents when choosing majors for themselves and their children.

Students who pursue the Robotics and AI major will be trained in knowledge, skills, and attitudes as well as politics, health, and manners comprehensively. It ensures that students can apply technical principles and technological skills to the tasks of electronics and telecommunication engineers. 

Robotics-and-AI-specialized students graduating from universities are able to work in these below jobs: 

Robot designing, creating, programming engineer

A Robot designing, creating, programming engineer is responsible for designing and programming parts of robots, devices, software which Robots can operate themselves flexibly, replace humans to process information, as well as carrying out dangerous, harmful, or unwanted tasks. 

trí tuệ nhân tạo phát triển

AI engineer

An AI engineer is a person whose task is creating applications, AI software serving our lives such as camera identification, diagnosis, smart TV with voice identification,… Compared to other engineering jobs, this is the most highly-paid job with the highest average monthly salary. 


Automation engineer 

An automation engineer is in charge of designing and programming. Some of them are in control of the robot integrated production line. These groups of work require logical thinking and sharp skills when facing new challenges. 

Artificial Intelligence Programmer 

An artificial intelligence programmer is responsible for in-depth research related to academia and technology development orientation. At the same time, he/she is also seeking smart ways to apply these AI features to reality. 


Robotics and AI researching and teaching 

If you are pursuing your dream of becoming a lecturer, you can apply to universities having the Robotics and AI major. However, to work as a lecturer there, you have to get a Master’s degree at least. 


It seems that the 4.0 industry revolution has been opening thousands of job opportunities for those who are following this major – Robotics and AI. Are you ready to pursue this specialization? Good luck with your choice. 




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