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Technology, still quite strange in Vietnam, is already “all the rage” all around the world and becoming one of the promising majors that are likely to “shape the world” in the future. 

1. What is Robotics?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary study of Computer Science and Engineering, including designing, operating, and using robots. Its goal is to design intelligent machines that can help and support people in their daily lives as well as keep them safe. Robotics is based on the achievements of information technology, computer technology, engineering technology, electronics technology, and other fields. 

opportunities of robotics industry

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are known as majors specializing in AI-related electronics technology, especially robot brains, robot programming, and automatic system devices using robots. By choosing this major, students can learn about robotics, algorithms, and AI mathematical models to create hi-tech devices that are capable of learning, as smart as humans, and can replace humans in many fields in the future. Robotics and AI are strongly and comprehensively changing the world. 


2. Robotics Prospect 

Tremendous job opportunities

To produce detailed parts and to operate a robot, it requires people to have special education as well as thinking and programming ability. Nowadays, we need modern tools and machines for almost every aspect of life such as industry, manufacturing, business, tourism, aviation, service, and so on. All those needs are great opportunities for the current Robotics and AI industry. 

Universal Robots


Some jobs in the Robotics industry include: 

Software developer: Is responsible for developing, supervising, and supporting high-performance data processing systems, along with identifying, designing, and executing process improvements, optimizing data distribution, and redesigning infrastructure. 

Robotics research engineer: Will work with research team members and managers to develop and execute research projects with the industry partners in order to apply modern robotics, vision, and other new technologies to win the challenges of advanced manufacturing.

Automated Robotics Engineer: Is in charge of all changes and modifications in the paint control plan to ensure the suitability and compliance levels of spray operations as well as to meet all requirements of customers and offer them some technical guidance. 

System Engineer: Is responsible for making and maintaining programming and technical documents to ensure that the planning and execution are effective.

Automatic Expert: Is in charge of maintaining devices and workplaces in the safest and most efficient electromechanical conditions, performing continuous improvement execution, and assisting with new system installations. 

Cognitive engineer: Is responsible for designing cognitive algorithms and implementing them in robust, efficient, and well-tested C++ codes. In addition, a cognitive engineer is also in control of solving cognitive challenges in real life such as detecting street lanes, identifying and classifying targets, following, merging sensors, localizing, mapping, or calibrating sensors.

Competitive and Attractive Salary

The salaries of Robotics engineers may vary depending on their experience, location, and type of work. 

According to some surveys, the salary of a Robotics and AI engineer in Vietnam is up to 22,000 USD, approximately over 510,000,000VND per year. Data science and software engineers receive around 35,000,000VND / month (~1537 USD) and over 34,300,000VND / month (~1505 USD). 

Information Technology Resource Market Report in 2019 of Navigos Human Resource Group showed that the average salary of a Robot and AI software development engineer is 1,844 USD / month (~43,000,000VND). Apart from that, Robot and AI employees also receive other incentives such as 13th-month salary, Tet holiday bonus, and project bonus.

Opportunities of global integration

Robotics is considered as a standard to evaluate the highest innovation level of technology and manufacturing of a country. To seize the opportunities to develop and become a leader in this field, major economies all over the world have continuously mapped out development strategies of robotics and gained many deserving rewards. With the advantage of programming knowledge and skills, robotics will be the door for you to integrate into the world easily.

After all the above information, what do you think about teaching robotics to kids? Let’s build their future today.

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