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When your children feel under stress with Math, probably you will try to find ways to improve their academic results. So, let IEB Education suggest the best way to encourage your child’s brain development with SoroTouch.


1. Product Information

SoroTouch is a comprehensive brain exercise method by mental calculation practice on Ipad. The program has won many education and development awards in various countries around the world. Applying the Soroban method, the SoroTouch program is developed into an Ipad application. With “show” and “hide” keyboard modes and games, children are more likely to feel excited and passionate about math. Additionally, this application helps to develop your child’s comprehensive thinking, concentration, and information memorization. 

Soroban is an abacus-based superspeed mental calculation method that was introduced to Japan. It was considered as a useful and popular calculation tool at that time. Thanks to its amazing efficiency, until now it has been considered to be an essential educational method for Japanese children. 

To SoroTouch, “learning while playing” is always the top criterion. With more than 20 educational games, children are able to choose the games appropriate to their levels. 


SoroTouch mental calculation for kids

2. SoroTouch Special Features

– SoroTouch offers a 2-year learning pathway for children from 5 – 8 years old.

– Lessons combined with games help children recognize numbers and practice with short to long, multi-digit calculations.

– Student-centered method with an hour of diverse classroom activities.

– Children directly participate in relay group work, which boosts their confidence levels and to perfect their skills through learning and calculating with their classmates.

Kids are excited in the classroom

3. Curriculum content

Throughout the SoroTouch learning path, children will learn:

– Calculation skills: SoroTouch combines the forms of looking, hearing, and virtual calculation by multi-sensory methods. Children’s senses are continuously stimulated to help them become more flexible and active. Besides that, the two-hand calculation method also helps to speed up the calculation and comprehensive brain development. 

– Self-study skills: SoroTouch’s math problems are designed from easy to hard levels, according to children’s ability in the form of learning games. Consequently, children can do their exercises excitedly, win themselves and discover their own potential.

Confidence-building skills: Children are given chances to discover themselves, to build their confidence, to be active as well as to feel respected from the very beginning of the learning pathway. That originated from their confidence when being little kids. They can solve complex math problems in a very short time.


5  year  old  kid  excitement  when  learning  Soro  TouchIEB Education possesses modern educational methods and well-experienced teachers. SoroTouch will be a rewarding and interesting course for many children. Dear parents, if you’re interested in our courses, please contact the IEB Education fanpage for more information. 




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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When your children feel under stress with Math, probably you will try to find ways to improve their academic results....
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