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Modern devices are playing a significant role in delivering knowledge in different subjects like thinking development, English, or programming. Moreover, even normal subjects are gradually becoming technology-based. 


How is technology applied to education?

Technology-based education is the application of modern technological inventions and achievements to enhance the effectiveness of knowledge delivery and the students’ understanding ability. Online learning targets to maintain teaching and learning activities all over the world and at all educational levels. This online activity is becoming more and more popular, especially during this pandemic, which is evidence to prove the breakthrough and the necessity of applying technological achievements in education.


E-learning: fast and convenient online learning

As far as we know, E-learning is a form of education based on the Internet connection. Lecturers and students can both teach and learn on the system through computers with the Internet. Lately, E-learning has developed rapidly and applied to English courses, thinking learning, and robot programming because these subjects link to foreign equipment platforms. E-learning is no longer as academic as theoretical lessons. On the contrary, children can access open spaces and diversified resources, especially English pronunciation video clips or computer science thinking games. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has stopped other traditional educational methods; however, children are still able to continue their learning thanks to modern technology. Online lessons and exams are the alternatives in unexpected situations. Technology-based education is predicted to remain our future trend even when this pandemic ends. Online learning will continue to be an appropriate choice for students to join any extra classes or extracurricular courses that they love.


Learning Technology at IEB Education

Nowadays, children’s learning is not only focused on the locations but also the methods. Technology allows children to freely choose their subjects and learning conditions.


Children can cultivate their soft skills through extracurricular courses. IEB Education is proud to be an educational corporation that successfully applies educational achievements in Japan and America. Our goal is to bring great experiences to Vietnamese children. Children are free to explore the fascinating and challenging world of programming in a game named CodeCombat or learn more about how robotic line systems work via a course called RoboDone. 




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