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“How can we understand our children’s hobbies?” is definitely a question that always makes parents feel worried about. Since the moment a child is born, parents have been aware of their roles and responsibility in teaching and orienting their children. Every parent wants the best for their children, but how can parents deeply understand what their children want? Let’s discover that with the article below!

1. Ask about your children’s hobbies

What extra classes do parents usually register for their children? What aspects do parents want their children to discover? Do parents usually ask their children’s opinions before reaching their decision? Currently, there are so many different kinds of courses, such as swimming, English communication, music, calligraphy, martial arts, baseball, and football. The courses are described as “diversified” and “divided”.

Let’s take English, a popular and familiar foreign language, as an example. There are so many courses related to writing, communication, IELTS, etc. Before you register for any courses, listen to your children’s viewpoints because the kids can reap the benefits from the course only when they feel interested. 

Parents understand their children's hobbies

2. Don’t force your children to do things they don’t want

Since 2020, programming education has popularly become a compulsory subject for the kids in primary schools. 

We have held many practice sessions at school, which started last February, and what we have heard from parents was that “I want to develop my children’s abilities.” and “I want to find something that makes my children feel so excited about.”. So how can you find a lesson that can attract your children? 

Firstly, make sure your children love that lesson and are willing to partake voluntarily, not because you’re forcing them to do it. So it is said that the best way to accomplish that is taking your children to go to a new place so that they can experience new things such as free trial lessons and hands-on classes held by different organizations and even try different things.

Explore children's hobbies with your child

Gerald Wirth, Artistic Director of the Vienna’s Boys Choir said: “Don’t force and worry whether a child could pick up the trigger or not. Let’s quietly observe.” That’s the reason why we hold a hands-on class at our Robodan Ichinomiya school to give children a chance to explore and experience.

3. Spend time with your children

Parents tend to suffer from an overwhelming workload which doesn’t leave them much time to spend with their children. Meanwhile, what children need is to feel their parents’ love and quality family time when all members can have dinner, watch movies, talk, and share things with each other.

Dear parents, please spend time with your children so that they can feel your love and your support on their growth journey. Every child has his or her own wishes, requirements, and hobbies; thus, parents need to learn about their children’s interests as what they like or what they are interested in.

The inner world of children is just like a book, parents should read it by heart to understand them all. To make them feel better, parents need to create a good living environment so that they are able to fully develop their personality and grow up happily. Dear parents, please understand your children in the right way! 

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