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On the 9th of January 2020, IEB Education had a trip to Y Ty Commune in Ha Giang Province with our strategic partner, Brendon Bilingual Primary School. The purpose of this trip was to give small presents to poor families and kids. Also, this was an occasion for IEB executives and staff to cultivate compassion so that they would keep up with their work in building and executing social and charitable projects for Vietnamese children.


1. A heartfelt trip to Y Ty Commune, Ha Giang Province 

This charitable trip was organized by a charity group named Com Nam, which has been launched by Brendon Bilingual Primary School since 2020. Being their strategic partner, IEB Education directly donated and participated in this trip. The trip was really successful, practical, and timely to support the kids even in the freezy weather down to -1 to -4 Celsius degrees. Utilities such as cookers, gas stoves, water dispensers, carpets were used right away to take care of the kids. 

Gift preparation of the trip

2. A journey to sharing love 

During two days, the 9th and 10th of January, our group followed the agenda to Y Ty Kindergarten, Mo Pu Chai and Phan Can Su Schools. Due to the bad weather and being the farthest, Sin Chai school had to send their representative to meet us and receive the presents. Y Ty Kindergarten was the major school and they managed 13 other schools in those small villages. 

Charitable presents were sent to the poorest schools, managed by Ms. Ha Thi Ben, the principal of Y Ty kindergarten. There were 400 students under their care. Happily, students attend school on a daily basis, and persuasion or encouragement is unnecessary. They can go to school for free and if they are so poor, they will also receive extra support. 

Due to the lack of funding, teachers have to buckle down and handle both teaching and taking care of students. A teacher will be responsible for 32 students and sometimes, they need to use stoves to cook for their students. Thus, using gas stoves for cooking is necessary as it takes some of the burden off the teachers’ weary shoulders. 

Mr. Pham Trung Kien, the representative of IEB Education with the charity group at Y Ty Kindergarten 
Cookers were used at schools immediately after being given.

3. Unforgettable memories

The most unforgettable memory of the trip to Ha Giang was the image of the children with black eyes, blushed cheeks on their naive, dirty but cute faces. Under the freezing weather, the children were shivering in worn-out clothes, beehive slippers, and their hands looked so dry and chapped.  

Students at Mo Pu Chai Primary school are receiving charitable presents 
Kids at Mo Pu Chai nursery school are receiving presents from the charitable group 

Students at Phan Can Su nursery school are talking to members of the charitable group 

Phan Can Su Primary school students

Charitable presents from IEB Education and Brendon Bilingual primary school may be insignificant but hopefully, they will give these students the strength needed to overcome their life hardship and gain necessary knowledge to sustainably rebuild their villages. Sharing, whether the enormous or moderate one, will definitely bring joy and delight to the surroundings and that is IEB’s motivation to continue to devote ourselves to run more and more social projects for the community and children. 




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