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Nowadays, the world always seems to be associated with “technology”. So how can you protect your children’s eyes while they have too much exposure to technology? IEB Education offers a vision protection solution for children that is HoldOn AI/Glasses smart glasses.


In developed countries like Japan, children’s eyesight is always a matter of concern. Therefore, with the potential of science and technology, Japanese experts have invented a breakthrough product named “HoldOn AI/Glasses Smart glasses” to help protect children’s eyes.


1. Protecting children from posture distortion

The HoldOn Ai/Glasses glasses have built-in Artificial Intelligence and a 6-axis sensor so that a vibration alarm will notify the kids when they are in bad postures, which helps your children to adjust themselves and straighten their posture for a certain period of time. Consequently, this process helps them to build daily habits with a good sitting posture and little spine problems. 


Kids  are  wearing  AI/Glass  when  learning

2. Adjusting brightness appropriately

The sensor helps to analyze the light intensity when a child is studying or reading books. When detecting abnormal signs, the glasses will notify parents so that they will adjust the brightness to be more suitable for their children’s eyesight.


3. Protecting eyesight from blue light

Blue light causes the most concerns when using technology devices. Our HoldOn Ai/Glasses glasses use Blue Cut technology to prevent blue light from children’s eyesight. Therefore, it protects children’s eyes from tiredness when being exposed to technological devices for a long period of time.  It protects children’s eyes from exhaustion when being exposed to electronic devices for a long period of time.


4. Setting usage time

These smart glasses can also measure your children’s screen time on digital devices such as TV, smartphone, or computer. If their screen time exceeds the time set, the HoldOn Ai/Glasses smart glasses will automatically issue an alert.

5. Building eye-friendly habits through daily reports

By collecting data on a special app connected to your smartphone to analyze eye habits and health, HoldOn Ai/Glasses smart glasses will show you the daily reports. When you observe your children’s eyesight every day to make appropriate adjustments, you will have considerably contributed to protecting their eyesight and preventing them from nearsightedness. 


Protect your children comprehensively with HoldOn Ai/Glasses smart glasses! Contact IEB Education fanpage for detailed information. 




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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Nowadays, the world always seems to be associated with “technology”. So how can you protect your children’s eyes while they...
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