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The 21st century is a time when people have to face many tumultuous historical moments. This is also the period of strong development of science and technology. Thus, the priority goal of each country is to concentrate on educational solutions for the young generations.


Challenges of innovating education solutions

Main reasons

The industrial revolution of 4.0 (including Soft Revolution and Knowledge Revolution) is requiring high-quality and well-trained human resources associated with new knowledge about technology as a basic need to develop the economy. 

People have programmed different channels of communication into the language system to connect humans and machines. At the same time, they operate systems such as the Internet and artificial intelligence (AI) very well to create products and services that serve the economy. Understanding the language system is essential to accessing the world of technology. This revolution will happen very quickly and each country will have its methods and strategies. After all, our children are a part of this process. Will we choose to sit still or take action? 


Challenges for businesses and society

The current large economic groups all concentrate on knowledge investment. They tend to develop different types of education to seek for and train talents. Therefore, building effective educational methods always plays an important role in our society. 


Turning challenges into opportunities with preeminent educational solutions

According to US President Barack Obama: “Don’t just play games on your phone, learn to code there.”

It is true that the addition of programming in children’s curriculum still needs further research. How to increase its flexibility? How to make children love it? The best solution suggested is gamification because children can:

  • Learn while playing 
  • Actively acquire knowledge through methodical guidance
  • Develop their thinking ability and enhance their memory through lessons
  • Build communication and teamwork skills

Just like foreign languages, it is essential to create an effective learning environment where children can acquire linguistic thinking in their golden periods. The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to approach it as early as possible. Constantly being immersed in and practicing the language will help children boost their language reflexes, improve their pronunciation and think in the new language. And so does programming!


Modern educational solutions at IEB Education

To meet the needs of accessing modern knowledge with innovative and advanced teaching and learning methods, IEB Education is proud to offer useful English and programming courses for children of all ages.



+ Reading Eggs:

English courses help children practice natural language thinking, reflexes practice, and thinking in English from the very first years of their life. Children will learn in a 100% English environment and activate their linguistic intellect through a wide range of interesting games.


 + CodeCombat:

Children can learn programming through the educational game CodeCombat, a platform applied to the programming curricula in various advanced countries worldwide. This platform will open up a fantasy world with lively game rounds, helping children efficiently acquire knowledge of Python and Javascript as well as building a strong foundation of computer science.

This platform will open up a fantasy world with lively game rounds, helping children efficiently acquire knowledge in Python and Javascript as well as building a strong foundation of computer science.


 + Robo Done:

Our Japanese methodical robot programming course gives children a chance to discover how to program large production systems, artificial intelligence, and highly applicable programming languages ​​in technology, production line industry, and many other various fields.


Contact IEB Education to create a breakthrough future for Vietnamese children!




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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