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IEB Education and GAKKEN proudly introduce “A set of books to develop thinking ability and skills for kids”. with the name “Gakken Play Smart”.  This is a great choice for both parents and children, which is considered to be very helpful for children’s education in Vietnam.

In recent years, Vietnamese parents pay much attention to early childhood education, and book sets or funny activities are their first choices. Therefore, IEB Education officially released the Gakken Play Smart book for children from 2 to 5 years old, which helps children get used to languages and thinking skills easily.

In Japan, Gakken Play Smart is super popular nationwide and has become a bestseller. This is an indispensable set of books to develop the thinking ability of every Japanese child. The book turns into a lively world with attractive images on each page. Colorful pages and fun facts are intended to help children build basic skills for academic success. 


1. Gakken Play Smart basic features 

– Easy age-based choice: 2-5-year-old children have different hobbies. Therefore, exercises are designed from easy to difficult levels to match up to their ages. 

–  Task-solving thinking simulation: In the technology era, devices such as computers and phones distract children from learning easily. In contrast, Gakken’s books are designed with interesting and challenging exercises to stimulate students’ love of learning. 

– Thinking-expansion lessons: By solving a wide range of different exercises, the kids are able to deal with problems easily which help to enhance their problem-solving skills when facing a new practical exercise. 


2. How to use Gakken Play Smart books 

Gakken Play Smart books are designed in A4 size with sticker pages and a dry erase whiteboard. This book set is a companion for children to practice their skills such as hand and eye movements. It also includes activities that stimulate the development of imagination and logical thinking through games like finding the right track, sticking the stickers, matching letters, finding letters, connecting numbers and quantities.

This book set can help your children in terms of: 


– Training their brains 

– Solving fun puzzles 

– Interacting with things and events

– Getting used to math

– Being familiar with drawing

– Practicing how to use the pen

– Looking for colors

– Coloring paper games

– Developing intellect

– Starting thinking and being creative 

In the beginning, parents can guide and accompany their children to explore the books. After only a short time, we believe that the children will be able to learn and practice the skills on their own, which really helps to build the confidence they need when going to school as well as to stimulate their curiosity and love for learning. Being different from the other books, Gakken Play Smart educational book set converges all skills in one. Therefore, parents no longer need to search for other books and their children can randomly choose any pages they like in this book set. It will be much more convenient for both parents and their children.  


Contact IEB Education fanpage for detailed information! 




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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  IEB Education and GAKKEN proudly introduce “A set of books to develop thinking ability and skills for kids”. with...
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