Pedagogical Cooperation

With a close relationship with prestigious educational partners all over the world, IEB Education is a pioneer in applying advanced technology into education and training for the Vietnamese young generations. 


The explosion of modern technology has been changing how we live nowadays. Programming thinking, robot creation, multilingualism, mental calculation, and memory training are increasingly considered as essential skills to build both inside and outside the school. There are so many courses, educational toys, and guideline materials for kids that it’s no surprise when we feel overwhelmed in choosing the right courses for our children. A question may have arisen: So what is the best comprehensive, reliable, and highly effective education solution for our kids? 

We believe that we hold our future in our hands! Let’s join IEB Education and contribute to building a brighter future for our distinctive and elite young generations.

Educational Solutions

IEB Education is always looking for like-minded partners in education and training to ensure children’s thinking ability and personality development in the future.

By cooperating with prestigious partners from the most developed countries worldwide such as America, Japan, and Australia, as well as combining with Vietnamese information technology engineers and education experts, IEB Education’s courses are supposed to be the right choice for all participants and learners.




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