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Programming mindset is an extremely crucial and essential skill for programmers. Training programming mindset is just like you are trained in weightlifting. Practice makes perfect. So how to cultivate your programming mindset? You will find the answer in this article! 

1.What is the programming mindset?


There are so many different definitions of programming mindset. Technically, there are various abstract interpretations for this term, but we can simply understand it as the following definition: 

“Programming mindset is the kind of thinking ability helping you to figure out the outcomes by thinking logically and trying everything to reach your goals.”

Arranging and analyzing the programming mindset scientifically, we find that it is divided into five factors, including “abstract”, “decomposition”, “generalization”, “combination” and “analysis/evaluation”.

When mentioning “programming”, you might think of typing on a keyboard on a computer or moving a robot, but in reality, it’s not just that. Problem-solving steps that people cope with in life relate to the “programming mindset”, which is classified into those 5 groups. 

Teamwork helps develop programming mindset

2. Why is programming mindset education necessary?

Now, let’s talk about the future prospects predicted by world experts in their studies!

“65% of children who became primary school students in 2011 will work in non-existent jobs nowadays”, said Professor Cathy Davidson (The City University of New York)

“In the next 10 to 20 years, likely, almost half of all the jobs that use human labor and intellect will be automated”, said Associate Professor Michael A. Osborne (University of Oxford, UK)

“The development of artificial intelligence will bring an unpredictable future to the human brain after the year 2045”, said Ray Kurzweil (an American inventor and futurist)

Positive education is meant to accept unpredictable changes as well as actively coping with and solving problems so that children can realize their own potential. At the same time, parents are expected to nurture their children’s ability which helps them become citizens that devote themselves to building a better society while enjoying a happy life.

3. How to build the programming mindset effectively

3.1. Programming learning methods in primary schools

As we have mentioned earlier, the programming mindset consists of five factors, including “abstract”, “decomposition”, “generalization”, “combination” and “analysis/evaluation”.

In primary schools, we set a target to develop students’ programming mindset while combining these factors in Math, Science, and comprehensive study time.

In detail:

Comprehensive study time: Learning to think about the relationship in one’s life, to program, and to highlight its advantages.

Science: Learning to deeply understand that programming is applied to electronic devices and operates under certain conditions. 

Mathematics: Understanding the relationships and advantages of Programming and Mathematical thinking to build mind maps. 

Planning: Learning to brainstorm/generate new ideas by organizing what is going on and what you want to do through programming. For example, when we draw an equilateral triangle on the computer, the command “draw an equilateral triangle” is usually not available. That’s why you can not get it done immediately. Instead, we need to combine some computerized instructions to make it work. 

Developing programming mindset for kids

3.2. Programming learning methods at Robo Done

In Robo Done lessons, the kids are allowed to use their own robots to program and then to solve problems. After programming, they will double-check whether their robot movements meet their expectations or not. It might be challenging at first to get things done right away, but kids can acquire programming skills by keeping trying and getting it wrong over and over again. This helps children to develop their programming mindset through the process of thinking logically and learning from several failed trials. 

In addition, Robo Done also helps your children practice programming mindset by giving them a chance to deliver a presentation at the end of each class. The children can therefore deepen their understanding by interpreting and demonstrating their problem-solving process. It is necessary to improve children’s programming and logical thinking skills by letting them brainstorm processes and problem-solving methods by themselves. 

A programming mindset is considered as an important key to your future career. Hence, to become an excellent programmer, let’s be determined and keep practicing every day to improve your programming mindset!



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