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This is the first workshop that IEB Education has ever hosted, whose aim is to introduce programming education widely. We also invited Mr. Shigemi, CEO of Youmemiru Company to come and join us. Hopefully, the workshop has helped to provide both students and parents with information and knowledge about recent educational methods in the world.

We are living in the dawn of technology science and the 4.0 industrial revolution. New inventions are created every day, every hour and every step to serve people’s lives. Developed countries in the world have been joining a technological race for future preparation by focusing on programming education and incorporating it into their compulsory curriculum. 

Vietnam is the same as those countries. Messages from the government as well as the idea of the 5.0 industrial revolution are communicated repeatedly at the time being. This might make a big impact on kids’ code-learning awareness. 

To deal with that reality, IEB Education organized the “Programming Education” workshop. At the workshop, parents and children were equipped with coding mindset knowledge and skills. 

There were 2 main parts in the workshop. 

Part 1: Sharing programming education information 

IEB Education invited Mr. Shigemi, CEO of Youmemiru Japan, one of the top companies in developing robot programming classes worldwide, to share with our participants (1) the importance of programming learning, (2) Japanese trends of learning programming, and (3) some of the modern but effective teaching and learning methods. His sharing was so interesting and effective that most parents and students could have a thorough overview of these aspects. 

Part 2: Robot Programming practical experience

Programming robots is a programming learning method which is based on the criterion of “Learning through Playing, Trying and Making Mistakes”. Robots are kids’ favorite toys. Learning through assembling and programming robots is just like an entertaining game for the kids. Self-discovery, massive creativity, and programming every single movement of robots by themselves in that game do bring them lots of enthusiasm. It also equips the kids with basic knowledge and a programming foundation. 

Little kids during the workshop were able to control the robots by using a drag-and-drop block coding on the Ipad, which was actually the way to program any robots. Under the teachers’ enthusiastic guidance and their parents’ support, the kids persistently “try and make mistakes” so many times along the way to have their robots get to the finish line exactly and quickly. All the kids were so excited after every hard try and felt even more satisfied with themselves after those tough times, which also made their parents filled with joy. 

Last words

After the workshop, what made IEB Education so delighted and proud is the kids’ saying “Mom, Dad, I want to join a robot programming class!”. It proves that this programming education workshop has aroused their interest and passion in programming. Furthermore, their dream of exploring and conquering new knowledge also starts from now. 

See you in a Robot Programming class of IEB Education ! 




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