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The online meeting was a special conversation between King Kong Akihiro Nishino and Akinori Shigemi, the Director of Robo Done, on the topic of “Connecting Programming & Education with Society”. It includes many new perspectives on the programming sector in particular and other future majors in general. 

Content: Akihiro Nishino, the creator, and author of the picture book “Pupel in Entotsu Town” had a talk with a representative of Robo Done about developing several robot programming classes for kids, especially kids in primary schools throughout the country. 

1. Speaker information

Akihiro Nishino has many years of experience in the field of comedy and picture book writing, and is planning to launch the movie “Pupel in Entotsu Town” in December 2020. He is an editor, a plot writer, and a film producer. After making a spectacular debut as a comedian, King Kong became famous and started drawing picture books.

Akihiro Nishino đánh giá cao mô hình lớp học lập trình cho trẻ em

The picture book “Pupel in Entotsu Town” was sponsored by fundraising. The film adapted from his picture book, which is premiered on 25th December 2020, and considered a “one-of-a-kind” blockbuster. The online forum “Entertainment Research Institute”, run by Mr. Akihiro Nishino currently reaches 72,000 people, the largest number of members in Japan. All the business books he wrote about his experience have sold very well with over 100,000 copies.

The Director Robo Done, Akinori Shigemi, was born in 1985. After graduating from the Faculty of Informatics at Kansai University, he took up the position as a business consultant and got involved in reconstructing the corporation. With his practical experience, he decided to establish Yomemiru Joint Stock Company in Osaka in 2012.

Akinori Shigemi hết lòng vì sự nghiệp lan tỏa lập trình tới trẻ em trên thế giới

Only after a short time since its establishment, the company gained certain achievements. The company ran kindergartens for kids (2013), officially launched Robo Done Programming Class (2014), franchised (2016), and expanded up to 100 branches across Japan within the first two years.

2. Topic of the sharing “Connecting Programming & Education with Society”

Part 1: The reason why Akihiro Nishino quit watching TV

How to mingle and attract others with your presence?

– A new era that focuses on personal development 

To be successful on your career path, doing your best is a must. Initially, focusing on quantity may be your top priority; however, to a certain extent, quality is what we really need to target. 

It is believed that in any situation, the best way to prove yourself is to make a difference. First, you can observe and think about the requirements of this new age, analyze outstanding cases, and then come up with interesting and unique business model ideas.

Lập trình giúp khẳng định bản thân

For a young person whose desire is to shout out their own unique values, the only starting point is to get some awards at any competitions. When starting a new journey, we should try to come up with a different, creative and convincing idea so that we can seek people’s support.

In short, instead of mixing yourself with the crowd, you should follow your own way to attract others. This is a very important and necessary element to be successful. Obviously, being different from the norms may sometimes put you in trouble, but let’s ignore it for a while. After all, what you need to target is putting your best efforts into achieving your goals. 

– How to make yourself different

Let’s take our Robo Done course as an example. At present, most parents know about common skill classes such as swimming or singing, so they find it easy to visualize those classes in detail. However, parents seem to have no idea about a programming class for kids. Coping with that fact, what Robo Done targets to do is “How to position our brand and create an interesting learning environment to attract little kids?”. Thus, Robo Done has consecutively strived for building a classroom system so that it can both serve the kids’ learning needs and meet their parents’ strict requirements.

Done Cup international programming competition organized by Robo Done

Building a strong brand name is not only the tip of the iceberg, but we also make it deeply meaningful. Whenever we wish to contribute any learning programs to society, it should be real values. 

Additionally, once you discover something that you like, you tend to do your best to solve every problem. It will definitely take you a lot of time, but it is true that “the more challenging it is, the more interesting it’ll be”. Sometimes, motivation coming from pressure is somehow the key to success.

Part 2: The meeting and the reversed turning point from the lowest position 

Do not limit children’s interest and enthusiasm by the reasons of adults

– The story of Mr. Nishino

“While I was facing the difficult exam to enter high school, my homeroom teacher told me that I won’t be able to pass the exam with my current academic performance. At that time, I thought that even if I didn’t get into a public school, I still could apply to a private one. However, entering a private school was not that easy, there were so many problems related to tuition fees or study curriculums.

Back then, my mother took me to some extra classes. Thanks to that, I met a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who was not only willing to teach me many interesting things out of the book but also inspired me a lot.

A very valuable lesson that I learned is “No matter what you do, you should set a goal to clearly see the results you have to achieve. Then, you start going step by step since it’ll help you to learn through the process and make greater progress.” I kept this in mind and studied harder to pass the entrance exam to my dream school.”

– Let your parenting dedication help you to orientate your children, not to obligate them 

Probably, many parents feel worried about their children not being on top of the class. But if you just keep asking your children why they couldn’t make it, it will make them lose their confidence, even their sense of self-assurance. So instead, why not compliment them for what they have done their best to achieve?

Orientation to learn programming for children from a young age

Giving compliments is to recognize, encourage your children, and also send them some hope. For very young children, it’d be better to give them time to play and interact with friends, rather than only spending their whole day learning. 

In addition, it is not only the children who need to learn, but so do you, parents. For example, when your child faces a tough situation, to be her companion, you need to equip yourself with knowledge first so that you can give your child support by pointing out the wrong things along with some appropriate solutions. 

Part 3: Together with their children, parents also need to constantly update new information 

If parents lack knowledge, they won’t be able to build a good life for their children. 

– Parents’ social knowledge and idea-raising ability are extremely crucial.

If parents don’t equip themselves with the right knowledge or they don’t give suggestions or orientation for their children when they grow up, how can they develop and shine? No matter what happens, parents have to broaden their knowledge to be the best future-oriented companion for their children.

– Parents also need to constantly update new things

Educators strongly believe in building a society where parents understand this philosophy. Although sometimes problems may arise because the elderly parents may find these new ideas hard to absorb, it is completely possible to offer suitable adjustments so that they can approach the methods much more easily. 

Children’s education mainly depends on a developed environment. Sometimes, we – adults do not fully understand children’s thoughts or needs. It will become really terrible if parents don’t realize these things early. As a result, when the children grow up, they will not really understand the meaning of what they are doing, only just get it done mechanically.

Learning programming with children

Let’s take an example about online learning at the time being. An online class causes many problems for children’s learning. They just sit on the chair and take an hourly look at the computer or phone screen day by day, which may steal most of their chance to communicate and interact with the outside world. Simultaneously, the children do not have such various activities that they used to have at school.

Let’s take an example about online learning at the time being. An online class causes many problems for children’s learning process. They just sit on the chair and take an hourly look at the computer or phone screen day by day, which may steal most of their chance to communicate and interact with the outside world. Simultaneously, the children do not have such various activities that they used to have at school.

During this hard time, it is essential for parents to accompany their children to study, to do exercises, and to explore new knowledge together. 

– The power of giving without asking for the returns

When receiving a compliment from someone, one’s first emotion is definitely so delighted which helps them feel even more motivated in doing that thing. On the other hand, receiving a compliment from others makes us feel guilty in case we don’t get it done better next time, just because we are afraid that we may let them down. 

For those who always treat us well, and are willing to help without being asked, we tend to be well-aware of what we have to do to pay them back. 

Currently, parents have been spending a lot of money on sending their children to extra classes. However, will children’s grades really improve?

Part 4: People change when their environment changes.

Let’s create the future for our children from today.

– Let’s eat what you like

Just like when we can eat our favorite food, maybe it’s just a crossing thought but it does delight us in some ways. But sometimes things do not work that way. Learning is the same as eating. If we know that we are forced to learn that subject, will we continue to follow that obligation from others instead of giving up? Every lesson has its price. Going on or giving up, that’s your choice. 

This is a must for adults. However, in this modern era, children are expected to do the same. Thus, both parents and children must be aware of the importance of this issue.

Develop programming skills through coding

First, it is necessary to divide children’s knowledge into 2 groups, which are school knowledge and non-school knowledge. Then, focusing on teaching non-school knowledge for children is what parents need to do. For example, they are not taught financial management at school, so parents had better deliver some homeschooling lessons for them with visual practice methods. 

– It will be really great if parents are willing to accept challenges and make a change 

In the present and even in the future, not only children but also parents have many opportunities to change themselves. The image of parents trying to challenge and change themselves may help their children feel proud of them. When watching parents’ daily and familiar activities, children will be more motivated to try their best to do the same as their parents.

– People change to keep up with the change of the environment

In a family, not only children but parents also need to participate in their children’s growth in order to build a strong family system. 

It’s very difficult for people to change themselves. They tend to think what they can’t do is what they’re not good at for their lifetime. Therefore, it’d be better if we boldly created our environment. However, it’s not totally good when letting children handle everything by themselves. Let’s teach them to ask for parents’ advice before coming to a decision. That is extremely important.


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