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IEB Education has the mission of “Creating a better world for future generations”. We are proud to pioneer coding education for kids. We officially kick off our project named “Python Code Camp”, which applies the most up-to-date knowledge from developed countries around the globe.

Intending to share coding knowledge with all Vietnamese children throughout the country; furthermore, this program is totally free of charge.


1. Coding to stay ahead of the latest trend 

Nowadays, coding is considered as a trendy subject with a huge amount of knowledge and skills to brighten thousands of kids’ futures in this 4.0 industrial revolution.

However, a large number of students still haven’t got any chances to approach coding. At the same time, many parents also have no idea how to set a foundation for their children. 

With our experience in the education field for many years as well as kid insights, IEB Education believes that learning through games is the most efficient method, which not only arouses the kids’ interest in coding but also helps them to approach this subject most naturally. 


2. “Python Code Camp” Project Kick-off

For those reasons, IEB Education officially launches a “Python Code Camp” project. This project was designed for 8-13-year-old kids. It is based on the Python Ozaria course with American standards, which has been chosen by 14,000 reputable schools as an additional program and has been attracting over 12,000,000 students to register for its online courses and playgrounds. 

3. Python Code Camp Information

Python Code Camp project will take place in 4 days with so much useful knowledge with detailed information as below: 

  1. Rescuing the world from the Angel of Darkness
  2. Destroying darkness with “coding” lost magic 
  3. Venturing into a magical land with “While Loop” 
  4. Using available magic to build a matrix to deceive the Angel of Darkness

4. Ozaria – a magical code land adventure

When stepping on the Ozaria magical coding land, you will definitely have loads of new and fascinating experiences. 

Let’s venture into this land with IEB Education and see what you will get!

  • Equipping yourself with tactics and ultra-modern weapons together with a wide range of basic coding and computer science concepts such as problem-solving, algorithms, methods, and game designing. 

These are a few basic definitions you need to understand to conquer the coding world. 

  • Possessing the almighty “coding” magic will help superheroes overcome the hardest challenges to reach success. 
  • Being ready for the combat, building, and taking charge of your own warships by using your best skills such as logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and independent thinking.

5. Registration

Let’s nurture and create positive values. IEB Education sincerely hopes that you will join us in helping our nation deal with this hardship. 

Parents can donate directly to Vietnam Fund for Vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus by transferring your donation to BIDV bank with the account number of 21110009116868, or Vietcombank with the account number of 2019002019, and then fill out this form:

Spreading modern knowledge to nationwide children is the aim of IEB Education and we are putting our best effort into actualizing it.  

The “Python Code Camp” project promises to arm our little warriors with practical knowledge and skills for their conquest of the coding world. 




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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