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When mentioning the “sun-rising” country, maybe all of you will think of the most modern and developed nation in Asia. Recently, Japan has been launching a wide range of machines with outstanding features, leading the world in researching and creating robots. 

So, to what extent, how have Japanese robots developed? The article below will help you to find it out!

1. Structure, shape, and size are more humanoid

Not being such heavy machines, the robot structures have remarkably changed, which makes them look friendlier, human-like, and be capable of doing many other tasks.

The sizes are also diverse from small to large ones to serve production activities and research, as well as applying to real life, work, or other social activities. 

Robot Nhật Bản đang vẫy tay

2. Human-like communication ability 

Maybe we will think that a robot is just a machine with fixed programming along with a boring appearance, but Erica – a Japanese robot, has proven that she can communicate like a human. 

Erica doesn’t only answer the questions most naturally, but she can also use her body language during conversation time such as blinking, tilting her head, glimpsing,… All of those are rhythmically and softly combined. 

Surely you will be very surprised because you might not expect that a robot can be such intelligent! 


3. The ability to replace humans in some tasks 

Maybe you know that, in Japan, receptionist Robots working at the hotel will be the ones who help you to check-in / out or deliver a quick introduction about some of the best sightseeing destinations there. Apart from that, at the Haneda airport in Japan, Robots also help to guide customers, interpret languages, and carry their luggage. At the coffee shops, Robots are responsible for many tasks such as receiving orders, bringing food and beverages to each table, clearing leftovers, or taking plates and dishes back to the kitchen. 

Robot Nhật Bản trò chuyện cùng con người

4. Some of the most famous Japanese robots


When mentioning Japan, most of us may know about a famous robot called Asimo. Asimo is considered as the pride of the Japanese in their modern technology development. This robot is able to do some flexible and skillful tasks such as taking care of the elderly, doing household chores, assisting the disabled. Moreover, this robot is also designed to work in dangerous areas. 


HRP-4 is a robot designed similarly to a real girl’s face and size. Besides that, advanced technology is incorporated into the design of HRP-4, which makes it more humanoid. 

Robot Nhật Bản làm những công việc của con người


AIBO is a dog robot, that incorporated AI. The special thing about AIBO is their small design, flexibility, voice shouting, emotion expressing likewise a real dog. Therefore, users can also build and develop new characteristics for this dog robot. 

Frankly speaking, Japan is a developed country about modern technology that invested in researching and creating leading robot generations. These robots are not just friends, they are evaluated as helpful as personal assistants in our real life, which strongly help to facilitate our tasks. Hopefully, this article will share you with useful information! 




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