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The “Green energy robot-building” project organized by IEB Education together with CHANGE VN was officially kicked off, opening a series of projects to help children grow comprehensively with skills and social connection. Kids will build robots, which use or produce green energy to protect the environment. 


1. Introduction 

Vietnam is one of the top six countries that suffered severely from climate change. Natural disasters and floods are forecasted to become considerably complicated and continuously land in our country. We have never expected any of them. However, we may not know that just some small actions to protect the environment can also help to prevent disasters, which have long been bad threats to humans’ lives. 

Understanding that, IEB Education has launched our new project, “Green Energy Robots”. Its goal is to help raise our little kids’ awareness and social responsibility with their own interest in assembling and programming robots that consume or produce green energy to protect the environment.


2. Turn off the lights, turn on the future with IEB Education and CHANGE VN 

CHANGE VN is a pioneering organization of environment protection in Vietnam. CHANGE VN’s mission is to boost environment preservation and conservation through education and communication. This time, we cooperate with CHANGE VN to share ecological values with our community. 

With every single registration for this project, IEB Education will donate 20,000VND to Vietnam’s Climate Leadership Camp. This project aims at enhancing the quality of climate change problem-solving within CHANGE VN. IEB believes that this project will spread ecological values and meaningful messages to the community, especially to the young generations so that together we can join their hands to protect the environment and to make it green – clean – aesthetic. 

3. Steps

  1. Brainstorming ideas following the project topic
  2. Assembling robots using Lego Mindstorms EV3
  3. Designing a physical model and programming robots to finish the mission
  4. Making a product presentation 
  5. Making a video clip of the robot-making process
  6. Sending your video clip to IEB Education fanpage https://www.facebook.com/Innovation.Excellence.Bright with full information including your full name, your age, your robot name. 

4. “Robot-making project” marking criteria

Project scores will be marked using the following criteria: 

  • 70% from the organizers based on complement, content creativity, and design.
  • 30% from social media votes on Robo Done fanpage: 1 like = 1 point, 1 comment = 2 points, 1 share = 3 points 
  • The last decision will be made by the organizers.

5. Attractive awards

Participating in the “Green Energy Robot Making” project, you will have a chance to receive so many attractive and valuable prizes as below: 

  • A cash prize of 1,000,000VND
  • A Robot Space Lion smart model priced at 600,000VND
  • A Robo Done scholarship up to 50% 
  • A trial critical math voucher with Japanese standards

Thus, this “Green Energy Robot Making” project is not only meaningful but also includes so many priceless values. Dear future talents, let’s take advantage of your talents and create a green, clean and aesthetic environment. 

Let’s nurture and make changes with IEB Education !!!




Hotline: 032 736 8086

Head office: Sao Mai building – 19 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Ha Noi City

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: @Innovation.Excellence.Bright

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